McDonald's Offering Free Southern Style Chicken Biscuit or Sandwich May 15!

I tell ya, McDonald's keeps getting better by the day. Tomorrow, Thursday, May 15, the fast food restaurant is giving away (yes, that means FREE) Southern Style Chicken Biscuits (7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.) and Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches (10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) with the purchase of a medium or large beverage.

Anything FREE is a friend of the single gal or anyone watching the pocketbook.

I've had both the chicken biscuit and sandwich (they had FREE days in Tallahassee earlier this month) and they are YUM! From what I understand, the chicken products are meant to compete with my beloved Chick-fil-A, who's also a good friend of the single gal with their FREE (and more frequent) promotions.

Yes, I know. I need to find healthier friends. No, I just need to make healthier choices when I visit these friends.


Lillian said…
Thanks for the tip! Going to try this tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
Here in Oneonta, NY, the sign outside McDonald's reads "Free tastes like chicken" followed by "Free southwest chicken w/drink"

We didn't dare stop in to find out what "free tastes like chicken" might be. I'm not sure if they had a veggie chicken substitute (yeah right) or if they were just claiming that this chicken product actually tasted like chicken!
Anonymous said…
Well, it wasn't free at all this morning at the McD's in Falls Church, VA on Rt 50, even though the sign said so. I bought a med lemonade, and the barely intelligible person on the other end said "oh, it's not free", this was 8:38 a.m. Huh? Jerks. Biscuit wasn't bad, but no way I'm going to make a habit of it, I like having a waist.
jhuber7672 said…
Hey Lillian - hope it was offered in your neck of the woods. I read somewhere where a family of 12 ate for $17 that day (or something like that).

Julie - Hmm, wonder if the burgers taste like chicken. That sounds like reverse marketing - repelling!

Anon - How disappointing! I'd be boycotting that Mickey D's (I've boycotted BK for about 2 years after they introduced the freaky King, but that's another story).