Look to the Right. This Blog's Been Nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award (!!!)

Yippee! See the badge over to the right? See what it says? My friend Matt over at Waiguoren Critic of South China nominated this blog for the "Best Blog About Stuff" in the Blogger's Choice Awards. Kinda ironic, after moving this last time, I've realized how much "stuff" I have. I know, that's not what the nomination's about, it's just ironic.

So go ahead and vote for me, as of now, I don't have any votes (wasn't sure if it was Kosher to vote for myself). You'll have to register to play but I'm worth it, right?

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

While you're at it, be sure to vote for the Waiguoren Critic. And, I'll have to pay it forward and get off my keister to vote for some of my fave blogs.

Edited: May 21, 2008
Doh! This blog has also been nominated for a Blogitzer :)

My site was nominated for The Blogitzer!


Matthew said…
Always happy to help out a fellow writer.

And thanks for mentioning me, too.
Cordelia said…
Darn, I tried but it says voting is closed.
jhuber7672 said…
Matthew: :-)

Cordelia: Ah, man! Oh, well. It's the though that counts :-)