Hello Charlotte Harbor, I'm Here!

I'm settling into my new life and my community. I'm debating whether to start a Charlotte Harbor, Florida blog but I think I'm going to move forward with the business plan I wrote while attending the Wakulla Green Guide classes.

Anyway, I spent Sunday in Punta Gorda walking the adorable historic district. The downtown reminded me a bit of Key West, Fla. and Beaufort, SC (outside Hilton Head). It's charming, cute and coastal. It's also unpretentious in a sweet way.

Each home has its own story to tell, some with ceiling fans hanging from porch ceilings, others with hot tin roofs. Adding to the charm are the red bricked side streets and view of Charlotte Harbor.

The hot and steamy temperatures makes it ideal for flowers to bloom and vibrant color was everywhere. My favorite find was a group of purple orchids growing from a palm tree.

I also noticed Punta Gorda's art, like the one pictured here outside the city's chamber of commerce building. After wandering around, I cooled off with some homemade ice cream (raspberry with chocolate chips) at Cubby's (264 W Marion Ave).

Next was a visit to Fisherman's Village to wander the shops (the Florida wine tasting was tempting at one of the shops but I was good) and grab some lunch at Harpoon Harry's (a pirate is the mascot, how could I not have lunch there?) - a seafood feast with a harbor view. I confessed to the waitress I didn't have room for dessert, since I had dessert first.

Before leaving, I spent a sobering visit at the Military Heritage & Aviation Museum (at Fisherman's Village). The museum captures American military history all the way to the present war in Iraq. The museum has big things planned and it's going to be exciting living in Charlotte Harbor when it all happens.

In the short time I've been here, I'm learning the community is at a cross roads. I'm here during the beginnings of a renaissance and am looking forward to being part of it.