She'd Be 118 This Week: Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Being 118 is pretty old. It's almost like calculating how old Elvis would be today or JFK. Marjory Stoneman Douglas who's book The Everglades: River of Grass is the primary catalyst for saving the Everglades, was 108 years old when she passed in 1998. Yesterday would have been her 118th birthday.

I never met the woman but my ex did. He recalled how she was in the Everglades for the park's 50th Anniversary. She sat in her wheelchair, sunglasses on and wide-brimmed straw hat tilted over her face. Someone gave a speech and afterwards, Peter approached her and asked what she thought of it. Turns out, she had fallen asleep.

To celebrate and rejoice her and the Everglades, enjoy this little piece about things to see along U.S. 41 when drivign across the Everglades.


Anonymous said…
Cute story! I am sure she would have liked the speech.
Matthew said…
I wish I got to see more of the Everglades when I was in Big Cypress... I'll admit, I was there for the New Year's Phish concert back when I was long-haired freak in college.