When Will ABC Have a Bachelor Brother?

The 12th season of ABC's "The Bachelor" aired Monday and looks like the network tried to differentiate from previous seasons. This season's bachelor is a Brit with decent teeth.

Watching the season premier was pretty much like other seasons, a dashingly handsome bachelor mixing and mingling with 25 too perfectly pretty bachelorettes. Like other seasons, at least one drinks a little too much (the blond one who put her panties in the bachelor's pocket - yuck!), one has a wacky talent (the blond chick who ripped an aluminum can with her teeth) and 23 other ones trying to out do one another.

But since this is the 12th season of "The Bachelor," one has to ask, why isn't the bachelor African American? Or how about Asian? Or Latino? Isn't anyone else a bit tired of watching some handsome white bread guy handing out roses and breaking hearts? Better yet, what about a dude with a thing for real-sized women, you know, a woman who wears a dress size of 14 and not 1/2.

Maybe non-Caucasian bachelors just don't apply for the show. Maybe they don't need a reality show to find them love. Maybe they're just plain smarter and stay away.


Matthew said…
12th season?? Has reality TV really been so bad that this show has lasted that long? And to think, I've never watched an episode.

Maybe they should start searching around China for a new bachelor... should be about 20 million in the next few years with the gender imbalance of the country.
Anonymous said…
A Brit with decent teeth? Are you just teasing us?

I think you may have hit the nail on the head when you said that folks of other nationalities or heritages might not be interested in participating in this ridiculous spectacle of desperation and debauchery. I mean, sometimes he sleeps with several of these women and THEY KNOW IT! I hope the Trojan Man rides in at the end of each episode and deposits a load of condoms.

I think it would be hilarious if one of the contestants missed her period during the show.

"Um, I guess I'll take the one carrying my baby."