I'm a Joffrey's Java Beta Taster!

Last week (or was it two weeks ago?) I read somewhere in the blogosphere how Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company was looking for bloggers for their Java Beta Test. No, not the computer type of Java, the brew that fuels bloggers kind of Java. I checked out the site, filled out the form and waited to hear whether I was qualified.

Soon after, I received word my blog (THIS blog) was accepted. Yeah! So now what?

Today arrived my sample of Jamaican Me Crazy, a mix of caramel, vanilla and coffee liqueur. Yum! Can't wait to taste it.

What's even better (and pretty cool) is Joffrey's Coffee & Tea is based in Florida, Tampa to be exact. Love supporting the local economy.

So if you're fueled by Java, check out the site and see about getting your own sample.


Matthew said…
Do they send samples to China? I could always use more coffee.
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