Reminiscing and It Feels So Good

This weekend I vowed to tackle my mess of apartment. I just don't understand it. I'm gone for two weeks and come back to find every room is a train wreck. True, I get lazy when I have back-to-back trips and have a mess to come home to. Since my parents will be here at the end of the month, I needed to start organizing.

While sorting through the most ignored room, the guest bedroom, I came across so much from my past. I'm not quite sure what to do with them - the wedding album, photos from the wedding shower in the Everglades (man, was I "round" then) and monogrammed wedding gifts.

I just kept them in their respective containers and kept sifting through things. While discovering I have about 100 conference bags (anyone need a bag??? I have backpacks, briefcases and cotton bags perfect for grocery shopping), I found my membership packet to the Hillary Rodham Clinton Fan Club. It's from 1995! Makes me wonder when Clinton dropped Rodham - was it when she became a New York senator?

And then I received a nice blog comment from the artist Joyce Moore with Locady Leaves. Her comment made me recall my S2S2007 trip (to the Northwest Coast) last spring although, I remember that trip daily, thanks to her. One of the few souvenirs I purchased was this fabulous cement leaf in Mossyrock, Washington. It's in my living room so I see it daily.

Moore takes imprints of actual leaves so the pieces of art really look like leaves (they're a bit heavier though). The one I purchased is about the length of my hand but she also has larger pieces. If you want one, drop her a line at for prices, etc. Or, if you'll be in Mossyrock, the DeGoede Bulb Farm sells these fabulous treasures (at least they did during my 2007 visit!).

I rounded the weekend out with baking heart-shaped brownies for the office. I found these Reynolds Fun Shapes heart cups at the local Dollar Tree and had two boxes of brownie mix (buy one get one a month ago) so decided to put them to good use. The Valentine's bags were found at the Dollar Tree, too. Popped the extras in the freezer. Will be good for brownie sundaes my parents visit.

After three days off, I'm getting mentally prepared for the week. Have a good one!