Message to My Friends: You Can No Longer Live in Cool Places

I've been bitten by wanderlust and just don't know how to cure it. Maybe it's not meant to be cured. Travel is my drug, my passion. Exploration keeps me going. Have a good global network of friends makes traveling easy and while I love you, my friends, here's a message. No one else can move and live in a cool place because it means I'll WANT to come visit!

While Paula and Keith, the Can-Am Couple, are spending the winter in Belize and summer in Greece, my friend Jon's in Micronesia and friend barb (lowercase "B" is intentional) is retiring and moving to Mexico this spring. And, Death Valley is suppose to have an incredible flower bloom this spring. My friend Shep has a room waiting for me!

These are all places I want to visit but frankly, I don't have the time (nor funds) to visit everyone. I know visiting isn't mandatory but I WANT to visit, play and experience.

At least I got to see my friend Madge during a recent business trip to Texas. She's pictured here, getting ready to introduce me (I gave a talk about my Afghanistan trip) to her circle of friends.

Oh, alright. If I can't convince anyone from not moving, I'll have to live vicariously through blogs. And barb, you better get a blog set up because you're an engaging and entertaining writer.


Anonymous said…
Well, I guess the good news (maybe) is that we are not going to Greece this summer. Put it back on the books for next early...come along with us. Still haven't broken it to momsie yet, but we'll bring her along to Canada with us...looks like that's the destination. I'll be glad to be back in the "grown up" RV, anyhow :)
jhuber7672 said…
Oh no! No Greece this summer? Canada should be fab, though. Think you'll be back in the Death Valley area in April? Heard the flower bloom is suppose to be spectacular! Oh, and I'm saving!