Getting Back to Normal

Thanks so much to everyone who's reached out during Peter's passing. I'm still shocked and find it hard to believe he's gone.

I'll follow up accordingly, I'm just overwhelmed right now (well, suppose being overwhelmed isn't anything new) trying to catch up on what I've missed, keeping pace with the present and planning for the future.

Now more than ever, I'm going to be working hard on my blogs and writing. But explanations are for another time.

So, in a quest in getting back to normal...

My parents are in town. Check out my Tallahassee blog to see what we've been doing.

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last week? I poked my head into the cool Tallahassee evening and really wished I had a decent camera. Pictured is the lame image I snapped.

While reading my friend Julie Pecenco 's blog, I was delighted to see the fabulous images she captured in her post called "La Bella Luna." Go check her out.

Wishing everyone an uneventful week.