Am I Beginning My New Normal?

Right now, I don't think life is ever going to get back to normal for me. I just have to accept the change. I've been dealing with the bank regarding the boat loan and obsessed with how I'm going to pay it off and what I'm suppose to do with the darn thing. The title doesn't even have my name right!

Park Service gave me three weeks to get it out of Flamingo but that's not going to happen, the buyer pulled out and I need to find someone fast (the boat's pictured, any buyers???). The next loan payment is due in a week or two along with the insurance. Also learned I need to pay a $400 pet deposit for the cat plus my monthly rent increases. Oh, and a $14.95 oil change turned into $600 with other things needing to be repaired on my Saturn. My nice little tax refund (and then some) is gone.

In my quest to get back to normal, I attended a couple of green guide classes this week. I'm trying to get back to writing and had to ask for an extension for one of the sites I contribute to. (and I had some really great ideas before this all happened.) Am looking forward to getting back to the gym, not sure when that's going to happen.

So bare with me as I adjust to my new normal.


Matthew said…
If I had the money and place for it, I'd gladly take the boat. Do you accept Monopoly money with pictures of Mao on them?

Good luck finding a buyer.
Anonymous said…
We are in the market for a boat, not this kind, exactly, but I will be emailing you for more information.

I am thinking of you, pulling for you in your transition to the new normal - and yes, that is exactly what it is.
jhuber7672 said…
Hey Matthew. How about some Chinese yuan? That'll probably be worth more than the U.S. dollar soon!

Border Line Gypsies - thanks for your email, I'll follow up soon! :)