Live from Dallas: Tomorrow Will Be Better

First, I have to say, Obama really kicked some butt in South Carolina today. Interesting, very interesting.

Second, I'm in Dallas and things are going OK. Today was the first day of the travel expo. It was off to a slow start but turned out OK. Oh, I mean, from the professional perspective, that's how the day was.

From a personal one, these are things which went wrong:

A guy from California decides to pick a fight with me in the elevator. He sees my Florida shirt and tells me, "Don't let a Texan see that, they hate Florida."

"Really," I replied, trying to ignore him. His female companion was half-giggling.

"Yup. What are you doing here?"

"Here to convince Texans to vacation in Florida."

"Texans hate Florida, they'll never come."

WTF? Who IS this person that the first thing he chooses this morning is to pick a stupid fight.

"Interesting," I replied. "I wouldn't be here if they didn't visit the state. Have a nice day."

Luckily, the elevator door opened and I headed to the front desk because:

Realized last night I didn't pack my toothpaste (I had an inkling I forgot something). I have two tubes sitting at home which I paid about $2 total. I brushed my teeth without the paste and went to the hotel front desk for a tube. "Sorry, we're out, check with the bell stand."

"Sorry, we're out," was the bellman's reply.

Grrr, after spending $3.25 for a 20 ounce Coke yesterday, I knew it wouldn't be pretty - $3.50 for a small tube of Aquafresh. Ugh!

While in my quest to find toothpaste, I noticed my tights were feeling damp, especially the area behind my knees. With every step, the more wet I felt. Maybe my tights were damp when I packed them and that's all. Or, maybe there was a leak in my hotel room.

It wasn't until the waitress was giving me a tour of the breakfast buffet (yes, things are bigger in Texas and I needed to have a guided tour of the breakfast buffet. Oh, and after taxes and tip, breakfast for two came to $44. I sure hope my Accounting office believes how painfully expensive this place is. Tomorrow it's a $6 bagel at the cafe or maybe a $8 fruit smoothie.) and I realized what had happened. I touched the back of my cardigan sweater and it was SOAKED. I felt the back of my skirt, SOAKED.

"Oh no," I thought. The $3.25 Coke purchased yesterday was at the bottom of my backpack and had LEAKED all over my backside.

Nice. Luckily I was wearing black and stuck to water for the rest of the day.

I composed myself and completed the day, including a visit with a couple of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (see above photo; nicer photo is on my camera). Very sweet gals but I feel like an old giant! The girls are so tiny and young.

The day turned out well, until dinner. I found a deal and a local restaurant picked us up and bought the first round of cocktails. Nice.

It wasn't until I visited the bathroom after dinner to see I had most of my seafood Diablo SPLATTERED over my shirt (tomato base if you don't know). Ugh! What am I, four-years-old and need a bib to eat? It was embarrassing and luckily, no one could see it because it was dark and I could hide my sloppiness with my sweater.

And so here I am, saying good night to my day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter. (Although, I've been having difficulty texting in tweats.)



Anonymous said…
It's just one adventure after another when you travel!! Looking forward to more.