Where the Road Will Lead Me in 2008

Next year is less than a month away and time to start planning my 2008 travels. In my quest to reduce my debt, my goal is to *gulp* travel less. Not sure how that's going to work out mentally, but it's just something I need to do. I can't cut back on anything else except travel in order to reach my debt-free goal by the time I turn 40. And I have some serious catching up to do in this department.

Anyway, I've decided to tie business trips with a bit of personal, taking an extra day off here and there. To that extent, this is what I have planned for the first half of 2008:

January: San Antonio, Texas to visit Yellowstone pal Madge. Really looking forward to seeing her. I talked to her over the weekend and she informed me our friend Rebecca, who still lives and works in the park, got married! Very happy for her and need to drop her a line. Madge also sent me the book Letters from Yellowstone for Christmas. Can't wait to read it! Having lived and worked in Yellowstone, I'm still a Yellowstone sponge, soaking up everything Yellowstone.

February: Virginia Beach, Va. Not taking any extra time off for this trip but leaving really late on the last day so I can kayak and bike with the group. Should be interesting kayaking in February. I imagine it'll be cold.

March: Going to TRY and get to Sarasota this month, not sure if it'll happen.

March: Asheville, NC. Haven't spent much time here so am looking forward to it. Arriving a couple of days early to celebrate my friend Zelda Mae's birthday and find some of the pottery places in the area. Airfare prices, though, are outrageous!

April: New Orleans, La. Participating in the Tourism Cares 2008 Project in New Orleans to help clean up Louis Armstrong Park. I wanted to participate with Tourism Cares a couple of years ago when they were in the gulf coast but due to a schedule conflict, couldn't. Glad my schedule will permit me to make this trip.

Atlanta, Ga. I hope to be meeting up with Meg while I'm in town for a weekend show in mid-April Maybe I'll get to see other Yellowstone pals, too.

And that's all I know. My Sarasota trips will be reduced and my car will be paid off in July 2008 (yeah!). I need to hang onto it at least another year, fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I head out to Pensacola for the a work retreat. Looking forward to it since I haven't spent any time (other than driving I-10) to that part of the State.


Unknown said…
Just to put a wrench in your "travel less" plan - If things go the way we are hoping for this summer, we will be once again spending it in Greece. I just said to Keith the other day "I'd like to invite Jenn to come over this year" He agreed that would be nice. So, something to think about I guess...free accommodations and very cheap eats...we'll keep in touch about it, if you are interested :)
jhuber7672 said…
Stop tempting me! Greece would be lovely. I also learned Death Valley is suppose to have an amazing flower bloom in the spring and am trying to figure out how to make it out there the end of March or early April.