Home, Sweet, Home

There's always something about going home and being around family and I mean this in a good way. While there was time spent with family (see our Christmas photo) there was a lot of eating and sleeping. Not sure if I was getting caught up on a year's worth of sleep or if the wintry Buffalo climate makes everyone sleepy.

I'm now in my own home, without (again) my luggage. My flight was late leaving Buffalo and I barely made my connection to Tallahassee knowing the luggage probably wouldn't make it. U.S. Airways reserved me a seat on the next Tallahassee-bound flight, which is the flight my luggage is allegedly on.

I tracked the flight online, per instruction, and arrived at the airport about 10 minutes after it was to have landed. There was an eerie silence and no luggage on the belt. Turned out the flight was diverted to Pensacola due to fog. Hope my luggage makes it tomorrow and hope the cheese I packed in it holds up (I froze it, have an ice pack rubber banded to it and in a thermal bag). It's chocolate flavored and Buffalo chicken wing flavored, would hate to have these go bad.

Throughout my journey I read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. A fabulous, fabulous read. I enjoyed it so much I gave a copy to my sister. Because of the book I want to visit Bali but it's inspired me to do something else, something I can actually do. And that something else will have to wait a little bit because tonight I'm tired and am going to call it an early night in preparation for the return to work tomorrow.


Cordelia said…
Tracie just got a job in Indonesia and will move their over the Summer. Maybe we can go visit her together and then go to Bali?????
jhuber7672 said…
Oh! That's an idea. I can't go anywhere until after July 11 when my vacation kicks in again but sounds like a tentative plan. I found an 8-night trip with Intrepid for $550 + airfare, of course, that's where the cost is, in the air, but probably under $2k.
Anonymous said…
What about Greece?
jhuber7672 said…
Greece, Bali, I want to see it all. And a friend's in Micronesia, I have to take a whole month off!