Did I Accomplish Anything?

It's Sunday night, the end of another weekend and I'm just as exhausted tonight as I was on Friday. But it's a different tired. I didn't get much done, just a couple of articles for Suite101 (one about the a girlfriend getaway at the Inn by the Sea, Vera Bradley in Seaside, FL; the other about ecotourism travel in Wakulla County.) The goal was to write three because I'm afraid I'm going to get booted off the site for not producing the three monthly articles.

I also had illusions of cleaning up my apartment (I have no idea how I let it get out of control) and catching up on emails, blog comments and blog posts.

None of these goals happened.

I did get most of my Christmas shopping done and ran (most of the way) Tallahassee's Jingle Bell run last night.

I'm exhausted in a good way tonight. A bulk of the weekend was spent with my Wakulla Institute Green Guide classmates. Yesterday was a trip to Wakulla's sinkholes, led by a self-proclaimed 1970s hippie who knows where the swimming (and skinny dipping) holes are. He had some great tales to tell (and I hope I'll get to post more, soon, over on my Tallahassee blog about this).

Today was "graduation" for everyone but me. I'm a part-timer but I went to today's event to celebrate the accomplishments of my classmates. Following was a bonfire at Norm and Melody's place. I swear I heard banjos while driving down the sand road through the woods but at the end is a wooded paradise (Norm and Melody's). Good folks. Thanks to them, the class had a chance to sit around a campfire underneath the stars and tell stories, eat s'mores and enjoy each other's company.

Tomorrow's plan is to finish the third article I started, reply to blog comments, reply to at least 5 emails (I know that doesn't seem like a lot but right now, it is) and clean up the apartment. Just hope I can leave the office at a reasonable hour. I should be able to. Everyone else seems to.