It's the Little Things

It was one of those off days, you know, one of those days where nothing goes right and the world's working against you. I overslept (that seems to be happening a lot), grabbed the wrong thing out of the fridge for lunch (grabbed green Jello vs. tuna salad and didn't realize my error until I pulled it out at lunchtime) and the work forces were against me.

Since I had to eat my dinner for lunch (PB&J, I had class tonight), I picked up a Happy Meal from McDonald's. I dug around for my cookies (no cookies - don't Happy Meals come with cookies these days?) but was really excited to find Jerry Seinfeld in my bag! No wait, it wasn't the REAL Jerry Seinfeld but Barry B. Benson, the character Seinfeld narrates in Dreamworks' "Bee Movie."

Making this even more exciting, I learned over at the Corporate Social Responsibility Wire (CSRWire) with the press release titled, "Bee Good to the Planet," how the movie contains an environmental message and how McDonald's is taking that theme to encourage kids to eat healthier, enjoy the outdoors and "inspire environmental citizenship." Looks like I should have had the chicken nugget Happy Meal with apples and milk vs. the hamburger, French fries and Coke. Hey! I only had three bucks on me and that's what three dollars gets you these days.

Anyway, Little Jerry Seinfeld (true "Seinfeld" fans will appreciate that!), er, Barry B. Benson, kept me entertained during my 45-minute drive to class. He's going to ride shotgun with me for a while. Suppose I have to collect the other "Bee Movie" characters.


Anonymous said…
I want one! And yes, it is getting cold out. Unless I want to constantly have my headlights on, I might have to start wearing a bra again. haha! Hope you are well. Let me know when you will be in town again.
jhuber7672 said…
LOL! Looks like I'll be down in your part of the world in March. I'll plan festivities :)