The Italy Trip in a Few Thousand Words

I'm going to let a few photos speak for themselves about the Italy trip. Over the next few days (maybe even the weekend), I'll get a chance to write about the experience after it's sunk in a bit. I will say having the Rick Steves' Italy 2008 Guidebook was really handy. Saw loads of other Americans with it, too.

Enjoy these images!

BTW - the one of me and the pigeon on my shoulder is probably my favorite experience of the trip. It was the first day in Venice at San Marco and feeding the pigeons is the "in thing" to do. I didn't feed them, I suppose the vendors selling bird food get a kick out of throwing seed at tourists and watching the pigeons flock on and around them. Also, seeing Saverio was cool, too - pictured in front of the Pantheon in Rome. And of course, seeing the Pope (that's the dude in white in the distance with his hands raised) was pretty cool, too. Ciao!


Anonymous said…
Jenn i can't believe you let a pigeon get close enough to you to rest on your shoulder! I hope you disinfected afterwards!
in Tallahassee says,

Dear QKG, this is obviously your long-lost cousin, and here she is with ARTHUR FROMMER (scoll down a tad).
jhuber7672 said…
Great to meet you lesle, err, should I say long-lost cousin? :) Cool about meeting Mr. Frommer, great man.