Travel Writing Contest: Traveling Stories Magazine

Have a great travel story? Go ahead and submit it to Traveling Stories Magazine, they're awarding $125 to the best story. The contest runs until Nov. 15, 2007.

Amazingly, I got my butt in gear to submit something, Delivering a Message from Afghanistan's Taliban: Sincerity or Lip Service? Rate the story but also peruse the other entries, there are some excellent, fun stories posted there. I enjoy living vicariously through others and reading their travel tales.


Anonymous said…

Interesting blog and great story by the way, I really enjoyed reading it as did many other readers, good luck in the contest!


Live The Dream...Tell The Tale
Matthew said…
Thanks. I guess I better get some of my old stories together (or rewritten).
jhuber7672 said…
Thanks for stopping by Michael. And Matthew, I thought of you for this contest. Have you entered anything?