Something's in the Air

So, the destination where I was asked to jump through hoops for the most bizarre application process I've ever been through and heard of, ended up hiring their director. Let's just say it looks like the good ole' boy network is alive and kicking. Interestingly, he's had a tourism consulting business since the late 1980s yet I can't find anything on the Web about it and not much on him. I realize things from the 80s wouldn't show up but if he's some hot-shot, I'd think he'd done something recently. Hope they checked references. Whatever, I've moved on...

And I can sense something is changing in a good away. I just need to focus and let things happen versus forcing things to happen. I reminded myself today that there are those who talk about doing and then those who do. I want to be the doer in every aspect of my life.


Cordelia said…
You go girl!

And why would you want to work somewhere that doesn't want you anyway? :)