Oh! The Places I Could Have Gone

I had big plans for this weekend. A Saturday morning oil change, gym visit, loads of Tallahassee festivals and events and getting caught up on blogs, emails and writing. Nope, didn't happen. Had an unexpected date with the porcelain god all day Saturday, not a pretty scene (thankfully, not quite as ugly as this time). Sunday I had planned on kayaking with my Green Guide class but realized Saturday night, although feeling better, would not have the energy needed to kayak.

Sunday afternoon I was restless and made three batches of jelly/jam. Two batches of hot pepper jelly and one batch of rhubarb jam. Getting a jump start on Christmas gifts!

Anyway, I have a favor. Can you check out my "work" blog, VFg3, (which I don't have time during the work day to post on) and complete the easy survey off on the right hand side? Much appreciated!