My Interview with Big Brother 8's Zach is Available

Go ahead, call me a geek but I'm a fan of the CBS reality TV show, Big Brother. I admit, in the beginning I was a fan of Evel Dick but as the show progressed, he just seemed mean. I became a Zach fan when he won his first Head of Household competition. It was almost a good versus evil-type moment. At the same time, he seemed so alone.

Fast forward to last week...Zach was in Tallahassee visiting family and friends. He was kind enough to speak with me about Big Brother 8 (I thought the part about Jen finding out about Eric being America's Player during the show was interesting) and Dolphin Crash, his new edgy surfwear clothing line. As I've said before, he's a genuine, motivated guy and it was refreshing speaking with him. Read my interview with Zach where he discusses Big Brother. Next week, our discussion about Dolphin Crash and his true passion, underwater photography, will be posted.