Just What I Needed...

The dog/house sitting gig ended last night and work has been tiresome. I really didn't think I'd get through today without crying from frustration over the details of what needed to get done. But I got by (without crying) and left around 5:30 p.m.

Although I was wiped out, I had contacted Big Brother 8 houseguest Zach Swerdzewski to request an interview and he suggested meeting up tonight at a local hangout. (He's lived in California for the past six years but Tallahassee is home). I really thought about skipping tonight to head to the gym (since I only ran 5 miles last week) but remembered my duty as a citizen journalist: keep the appointment.

So I did what I hate doing, went to a bar/restaurant by myself. Admittedly, enjoying a good margarita is what I needed. Thinking he wasn't going to show, there he was in a Dolphin Crash t-shirt, with his brother. Yeah, Zach! We had a nice conversation (which will be written up over the weekend) about life before, during and after Big Brother 8, Dolphin Crash (his edgy swimwear and surf gear) and his art.

He's incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about the road ahead of him. From our conversation, he's an approachable and sincere guy. And although he's single and would eventually like to settle down, he's focused on his launching his career. He heads back to California next week.

Here's my photo with Zach