It's Friday Already?

Last week flew by and so did this week, where on earth does time go? Internet access has been limited this week, been house sitting (check out my Tally blog for more about that) and the client is in the process of moving so although there's a bed, giant television, chair and computer, there isn't a place to sit and use the computer and after a long day (which I've been on the go since last Saturday), I'm too tired to stand and write. *sigh*

I'm excited to hear from my friend barb (yes, the "b" is lower case). She's still working in Petrified National Forest, talking about retiring (already???) to relocating next spring. Very exciting for her. I need to fill her in (and maybe I'm ready to make an announcement) about my plans. I'm excited for her but disappointed I haven't visited her in Arizona yet.

Last week I also received an email from a young man who was going to Afghanistan as a contractor for the summer. I've been wondering how he was doing and was happy to receive a note from him and about his experience. I owe him an email along with a new friend in Pakistan (BTW, although I'm working on ITB, I won't be attending and won't be able to meet. Only my tourism friends will understand that bit).

Anyway, I'm hoping for a Saturday of sleeping in and writing. Sunday is field trip day - yippee!


Anonymous said…
An announcement?????????
jhuber7672 said…
It's nothing earth-shattering and it doesn't involve:
A new job, getting married (still looking for a man with teeth), having babies or running away to join the circus (although I've taken that option into consideration).

I just don't want to share an idea and be concerned it's ripped off before I have it secured.
Anonymous said…
We can only hope it is something that involves making $$$$ then!