Feeling Flirty with Flirtbox.us

The dreaded holidays are around the corner and I’m already loathing spending them, once again, as a singleton. However, I've been introduced to a new online USA dating service which may offer me the chance at some sort of companionship – or at least a free dinner. (Hey! I’m a single gal watching the budget).

Flirtbox.us is free USA dating service, meaning it’s designed for U.S. residents. Looking it over, it doesn’t have the flash and style of the bigger dating sites, like eHarmony or Match, but has a down-to-earth, folksy feel. It’s easy to register, enter some basic data, throw up a photo then either wait or peruse to see who else is around. It’s a fairly new site so the database is building.

The look and feel of the site makes me think the people on there are a little more authentic and real. Since it’s a USA dating service, I also hope it means the Nigerian scammers and Russian wannbe brides/grooms will stay away. So tonight I’m feeling flirty…

This is a sponsored post.