Ugh! Been Feeling Like a Slug

A few years ago I learned while my good cholesterol was high, so was my bad cholesterol, especially for someone my age. My blood sugar was also borderline Type 2 diabetic. The doctor put me on meds and sent me to a nutritionist. After 30 days, both the bad cholesterol and blood sugar dropped significantly.

I don't like taking drugs and decided to control my health with nutrition. I learned about balancing my meals, counting my carbs and throwing in exercise. When I'm good and do what I should, I feel great but when I eat or drink too much refined sugar or carbs, I feel sluggish, light-headed and borderline nauseous.

I've been on "go" for the past 10 days. Working intensely in the office, hitting the gym and tending to my social calendar (lately, I seem to have one). I've been a bit overwhelmed with what needs to get done and haven't been eating right. With all the sugar and junk I've been pouring in my body, I can barely function. This morning, either my alarm didn't go off or I slept through it (but still made it to work on time).

So what's been my vice this past week? Those darn Publix sugar cookies. They taste sooooo good even though I know the sugar kicks my butt. But I'm getting back on track, I hope.

And the pic is of me (center), my sisters and a giant napkin during the family wedding last month. If only I could make my hair do that all the time...