Cool Site of the Week:

I love travel Web sites and am always on the hunt for the perfect online travel guide. Does one exist? Having worked in the public relations side of the travel industry, I know how some writers can be influenced to include (and exclude) certain tidbits in a travel guide.

So what's a way to cut the bias out of a travel guide? Welcome to Web 2.0, my friends. User-generated sites are popping up all over the place and is the latest user-generated travel site I've found.

It's a bit like TripAdvisor and TravelPost but there's something more approachable about this travel site. It seems a bit more down-to-earth and lacks the flash, which is a good thing. Users submit blogs, photos, honest advice and is a decent, easy to use resource as a travel guide.

Thanks to my friends over at, I'm now going to see what's been posted about Afghanistan (Pictured: Taliban tribesmen in Kabul, March 2006) and suppose I should see what's posted about Italy.


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