The Woodruffs: In an Instant

I'm working on a story about Bob and Lee Woodruff speaking at the conference I attended this week and hope to have it done tomorrow. As you should know, Woodruff was embedded with the U.S. troops in Iraq last year, his vehicle hit an IED, suffered severe brain trauma, was in a coma and is making tremendous progress. He and his wife Lee co-wrote In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing, which tells their love tale, Woodruff's accident, recovery and progress.

Seeing them in person, I could see the love shared between them. I'm about finished with the book and had to hold back tears while reading it on the plane today. Enjoy these photos.

Left photo: The Woodruffs respond when I told them I traveled to Afghanistan last year. Mrs. Woodruff's verbal response, "For the fun of it?" Her non-verbal response, "Are you crazy, woman?"

Right photo: Sneaking next to the Woodruffs as they sign books. I'm not a celebrity stalker, really.