Going on Week Four of Living Out of My Suitcase

I've been traveling for business and pleasure since the end of July, having spent the time on the road than at home. My most recent trip was to Sarasota to visit friends and say "hello" to Grandma, who I'll see this weekend at the family festivities. Regretfully, I couldn't see all my SRQ friends. There never seems to be enough time.

After this weekend, I'll be home until the end of October. *phew!*

I'm feeling really discombobulated right now. I haven't been able to unpack properly at home and my offices moved last week (while I was on a business trip) so returning to a new setting in a new part of town has been a bit unsettling. The commute home is 15 minutes longer than before, it's only three miles but Tallahassee traffic is a tad congested. I'm also totally lost within the building (which is still undergoing construction inside) and in the new neighborhood. I know it's silly to say and hard for some to understand, but it's been a bit stressful, especially for someone who needs structure.

Once again, I'm wondering where'd the summer go. I'm a bit behind in my writing so hopefully on my flights this weekend I'll make use of the idle time to pump out some articles. I have loads of email to get caught up on, blogs to read, articles to comment on and social networking sites which need some lovin'. Doing my best to prioritize.

When I dropped a rental car off at Tallahassee airport Sunday, I met this stray kitty. She wanted to talk and flirted but would scamper away when I got close. As she rolled around in the grass, I could hear her little motor purring away. Life must be good at the airport, but of course, I should already know that.


RC said…
i hate unpacking...blah!
jhuber7672 said…
I hear ya! Thankfully I just had the Labor Day weekend to unpack and will stay unpacked until the end of Oct.
Anonymous said…
Waaaaaaaaa! You never call, you never write!
jhuber7672 said…
Oh, sh*t! I do call but, um, circumstances were outta my control.