Call Me Grace

Among my many talents is clumsiness. Last September I fell down a friend's stairs and broke one of my toes. I don't think he cared much but I was embarrassed at my tumbling act.

Last night while heading to bed, I turned off the lights in the living room and forgot my unpacked luggage and milk crate (from my week in a college dorm) were still in the middle of the room. I rammed my foot into the crate and tripped, with my hands breaking my fall. Although no one was there, I was embarrassed at my stupidity.

I have a few bruises but think I pulled something in my neck. The thought then passed my mind this is the way people fall and break their necks, left for dead. Lifecall ("Help, I've fallen...can't get up") would have been handy at that point but I don't think I meet the age requirements for one.

Either that or my neck is feeling the effects of the new Pilates workout I started yesterday. It involved defying the laws of physics and angling my body in positions I had no idea were possible.

Edited: Aug. 6, 2007