Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

It's not because I thought I was relocating, but only because I want to downsize the amount of "stuff" I have. A co-worker and I having a yard sale tomorrow to hopefully unload these misfit treasures and make some cash for the trip to Italy this November.

I'm learning that yard sales/garage sales aren't just something you "do" here in the Deep South, it's an event. Hotdogs, brownies and cold beverages will be served, along with the goods. At one point there was talk of selling pies and BBQ chicken dinners - WHAT??? Up North when we Yankees held garage sales it was: dusting off the junk, pricing it, posting signs, placing an ad in the paper and that was it. We sold things we already HAD, we didn't make things (i.e.: food) to sell. That's just too much work and to me, defeats the purpose.

To say the least, tomorrow's going to be "interesting."