Bow to the Yard Sale Queen

So the "big" sale was today. Garage/yard sales put into perspective what your stuff is really worth. While I understand haggling is part of the game, I KNOW the value of some things and won't budge on them.

Case in point is my tiara. I didn't earn it by winning some pageant, but picked it up at a Tallahassee boutique after I first relocated here. With the exception of this afternoon, it's been worn twice and I wasn't ready to let it go for five bucks. I just need to find somewhere to wear it.

As for the sale, it began at 5:00 a.m. and was a typical hot and humid Florida July day. The "feels like" temperature felt like 103 degrees.

Items have been dropped off at Goodwill, I've showered to scrub off the day's slime and need to put away my few undiscovered treasures...


Anonymous said…
So how did it go- monetarily speaking???
jhuber7672 said…
I came out ahead $70 - not bad.