Traveling This Summer? Here's What to do if Your Flight is Delayed

Travel industry insiders warned this summer would be riddled with flight delays, primarily due to flight reductions. I read today that Northwest Airlines canceled at least 1,000 flights this week. Wonder how many travelers were delayed? How many vacations were ruined? How many business travelers were stuck? How many guests couldn't make it to a wedding?

I'm just guessing (and haven't fact-checked this), but chances are slim passengers were rebooked on comparable flights on other airlines, because those flights were most likely booked.

I'm flying later this summer and want to get where I'm going but if by chance my flight is delayed, I have these tips I compiled last summer. An oldie but goodie. In the past year, things haven't changed much in the airline industry. Or have they?

Gotta tip to pass the time when a flight's delayed? I'd love to hear how you're entertained!


Anonymous said…
In the words of Beck, "That was a good sick out." Bonuses for coming out of bankruptcy? Those NorWester suits need to check themselves.
jhuber7672 said…
The airline industry is outta control! Makes me wanna take the train :)