On the Road Again: Hilton Head

It's late June and I'm on my third "personal" trip of the month. (Maybe I'll be able to explain someday, or, just shoot me an email. As I've learned, some things don't belong on a blog).

Anyway, I'm in lovely Hilton Head, SC. Man, I LOVE this part of the country, best of all, everyone I've met so far seems to be from the Northeast, and not necessarily "half-backers" (a term to those Northerners who relocated to Florida and now are living life in the Carolinas). They certainly drive like they're from the Northeast!

I love the water, the sea critters, the smell of pluff mud, the marshes. The first thing I saw was a heron catch a lunch of little fiddler crabs. Some photos will be posted when I return (btw - I've added Portland photos to my S2S photo album. Maybe by the end of June I'll have everything written up and uploaded! In the meantime, enjoy the first article, a review of Extranomical Tours and the trip to California's wine country).