Ain't Your Ordinary Mailbox

I house-sat for a friend this week. Three times a day I walked her dog through the neighborhood and admired the perfectly manicured Southern lawns and pretty mailboxes. I know, it may seem strange to admire mailboxes, but let me explain.

I always loved the art of letter writing and mail. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a mail carrier (can't remember if that was before or after I wanted to be a witch). I even made my own mailbox out of a cardboard milk carton and decorated with paper towels. I hoped my mom would deliver my mail to my box, but don't think that ever happened.

Now that I'm grown up and advanced in the 21st century, I'm still a fan of mail. Like football fanatics need their team colors, a mail fanatic needs their accessories: pretty stationary, fancy return address labels and a mailbox with personality.

This is where comes in, introduced to me by my sponsor. As soon as I get my house (have no idea WHEN that will be), I'll be checking out their options in residential mailboxes. They are the resource for mailboxes (and I bet your mail carrier will think their pretty groovy, too).

You really need to check out the site to actually see the classy and fashionable inventory of residential mailboxes. These ain't your ordinary mailboxes! Some of these mailboxes look as those they come with bells and whistles, they're so decked out. Actually, at least one of the residential mailboxes I saw has a security camera!

With the popularity of email, instant messaging, online bill paying and the lost of letter writing, I certainly hope pretty mailboxes continue to beautify our neighborhoods!


Anonymous said…
I guess I never saw that milkcarton mailbox!
Anonymous said…
Do you think they might have a "snowplow resistant" mailbox? We lost another one this year!
jhuber7672 said…
Hmm, I'm sure they'd have something industrial strength to hold up to those nasty snow plows!