S2S2007: Less than a Week!!!

I'm so excited about my upcoming trip. I leave this Saturday - yippee! Over the weekend I finalized my lodging and have a better idea of where I'm going and what I'm going to see.

I went to WalMart today for a really large bag (for my tent) to help with my packing. One night I'm camping at Mackerricher State Park in California. It has most of the things I wanna see: seals, big trees, rocky coast meeting the Pacific Ocean, tide pools and possibly whales. There's even WiFi - groovy!

Anyway, at WalMart, while perusing the toothbrush aisle, I noticed something very odd. The painted faces of KISS were there. And so were Queen and Hillary Duff. Hmmm. Hasbro has come up with Tooth Tunes Children's Musical Toothbrushes. The Beach Boys, Smash Mouth (ironic), the Village People and theme song to "Rocky" are options, too. Me thinks Hasbro's reaching more than the kids because I'd think it'd be pretty cool to be brushing the pearly whites to "YMCA" or "Rock & Roll All Night" Gives a whole new meaning to karaoke. The site lists prices at $9.99 but I THINK WalMart had them priced cheaper than that. Too bad my birthday's past.

OK, back to my trip - my lodging accommodations will be just under $200 for 7-nights. That works out to four free nights with hotel comps, one night in a campground (and I'll probably chicken out and sleep in the locked car), one night in an Oregon inn (describing itself as "whimsical, 'Alice in Wonderland,' and $50") and one night at the hotel in Mt. Rainier National Park (this is the splurge).

I've found some cool stuff to do and see and the geek that I am put everything into a spreadsheet. Stay tuned...

Edited: May 21 - after I realized my geography faux pax...