S2S 2007: It's Finally Here!!!!

I'm so excited! My bags are packed, the last load of laundry is drying and I'm READY for my adventure - yippee! My itinerary includes a couple of planned things, a guided wine tour departing from San Francisco and a guided walking tour in Portland. I found an adults-on guided walking tour of Seattle, touring things sinister, but they don't take reservations. Which is probably a good thing, keeps my schedule flexible.

I plan to be blogging about the trip and of course, will write at least something about the adventure. Speaking of which, I just wrote this little planning guide about the girlfriends getaway road trip. I've also posted a few articles over on Suite101, you can check those out by following the Suite101 box on the right-hand side of the blog.

There was a sense of accomplishment this week, finally got my essays edited for the much awaited "To Asia with Love: Japan" guidebook. Guess it's been about two years I've been waiting for it to be published. Publication target date is the end of this year - fingers crossed! Unfortunately, I could only submit five essays because for the other five, I didn't have specific detail, like where specifically I was. During the Japan trip, I just went with the flow and gave up fighting the language barrier.

Need to take out the trash, touch up the apartment and get some shut-eye for my o'dark-thirty-flight. Stay tuned! :)