Ecotourism: Finding a Balance in Hawaii

Ecotourism, it's not just for tree huggers any more. Hawaii knows this. They're ahead of the curve. Being a tree hugger, I'm so glad mainstream society is finally waking up to the importance of preserving nature for the enjoyment of travel and the economical benefit. I've always believed a healthy environment yields a healthy economy and my sponsor has triggered my post about Hawaii.

Hawaii's knowledge of the economical importance of ecotourism is evident by the $95 million the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will infuse into her environment. Maui and Kauai recognize the fragile state of their environments and protect them like precious jewels.

Can there be a balance between tourism and nature? Yes. Hawaii beachfront cottages are the ideal solution for travelers wanting an authentic, natural, Hawaiian experience. Cottages have personality and facilitate a balance between humans and nature. What's more beautiful than the lullaby of lapsing ocean waves?

Hawaii beachfront cottages allow tourists to blend in. And I'm all for that. Staying in secluded, less-tourist frequented areas ease strain on popular-tourist sites. Travelers can understand the culture by mixing with the locals. They can hike lesser-known trails for bragging rights and importantly, reducing the impact on over-used trails. Tourists can shop locally and support the economy.

When visiting the 50th state, think locally and think smart. Rest your head in one of Hawaii's beachfront cottages. Mother Nature will thank you.