Day for Groovy Things!

My mailbox had a nice surprise for me today, my backpack thingy from tripadvisor!

They sent these backpacks to travelers, like me, who shared experiences about a trip (or trips) on their site. Not that I need another bag, but I actually don't have one like this. It'll come in handy on my trip next week.

Also, I learned about a site called from fellow AC contributor Craig Kohler's blog, On the site, users can create a seal and keep it (for FREE!). See! I made myself a seal. Is it too bright? Users can also purchase items like stickers (that'd be pretty cool), mugs and other stuff branded with their customized logo. Check out!


D. T. said…
Thanks for checking out my blog! Your's is pretty cool. I will be sure to come back to learn about your travels!
Cordelia said…
I like the bright preppy colors! Very hip these days!