Cool Site of the Week: Searching for Bigfoot

I love the art of guerrilla marketing. While returning from Atlanta this week, I spied this vehicle heading south on I-75. It's the expedition team to find Bigfoot and their site is: The team is on the move right now in search of the hairy beast.

Keep posted on their search or listen in on their weekly radio show. Or, read about Bigfoot sitings. The site needs a bit of help, but it's entertaining.

And, pick up Searching for Bigfoot logo'd wear, like a ski cap or a Bigfoot belt buckle. Remember, Father's Day's around the corner.


Matthew said…
Fantastic. They should check out Pike's Peak. There's a great Bigfoot X-ing sign. I have a photo of it, but that's back home in NJ.
jhuber7672 said…
Oooh! Wonder if they've been there!