Closer to 40 than 30

*sigh* In less than two weeks I will be *gulp* 37. Forty-years-old is around the bend and it seems to be a significant number, but not sure what it's suppose to signify. I struggled a bit turning 35, realizing I was half-way to 70. Soon, I'll be halfway to 74 and for now, I'm OK with that.

I've been tackling the gym for about six weeks and I'm happy to report that FINALLY I'm seeing some results. Yes, there were some frustrations in the beginning, as posted here: Quirky-Kitsch Girl's View: Frustration at the Gym, but I've been following a routine of the gym every other day with Pilates at home on the off nights. My two left feet have also started up with belly dancing again.

Drinking loads of water, eating low on the food chain and avoiding processed foods has certainly helped. I've been fairly good at ditching the soda, fast food and office sweets, too.

I still have a long way to go but I've dropped a dress size and am close to losing another one.

Thirty-seven looks mighty fine.

Oh! Can't forget my recent writings about: Traveling with Your Pooch to Sarasota and Ways Tallahassee Lassies Can Get Fit


Anonymous said…
The only solution is to move to space where gravity can't get us. Everything either slides down or falls off.