Spring has Sprung but Where are the Tulips? In Amsterdam!

Ah, spring is finally here. Up North it means flowers galore. Daffodils, tulips, lilies of the valley and other dazzling beauties awaken the northerners from their winter hibernation. Here in Florida, we don't have those flowers and I'm kicking myself for not bringing back tulip bulbs during my layover in Amsterdam last March.

Which reminds me of a site my sponsor just introduced me to, easyToBook.com, a resource to book Amsterdam hotels. It also seems to be a resource to booking "cheap and cheery" hotels in Amsterdam. easyToBook.com works like other online travel sites but specializes in Amsterdam hotels.

easyToBook.com's default currency for Amsterdam hotel rates is in Euros but the currency can be easily converted to Dollars (I assume U.S. and not Canadian). There's also no booking fee.

Enter your parameters for an Amsterdam hotel and easyToBook.com lists available hotels in Amsterdam. What's cool is the number of sleeping rooms left in that particular Amsterdam hotel is listed - so you can determine whether you need to quickly book. It's also handy if you need multiple rooms during your Amsterdam visit. You can then read reviews of the Amsterdam hotels in an uncluttered format.

I won't be needing an Amsterdam hotel anytime soon. But for those wanting a taste of wooden shoes, bright tulips and maybe a little herb, easyToBook.com appears to be a decent resource to finding hotels in Amsterdam.


Anonymous said…
I checked out this website, and it does look pretty great. It's the airfare that I'm worried about. Who do you suggest for the best flight deals?
jhuber7672 said…
Hmmm, I start with kayak.com to search for airfare. I then go to that specific airline's site.

The online sites have us believing they are offering the best deals because they sucked us in after 9/11 with their specials and they "trained" us to book online. But find a good travel agent, they may charge a fee between $25 - $75 but may be able to find you the best fare.

Another option is if you get a great flight to London (maybe via British Airways from Tampa), you can fly on Ryan Air to your destination - just watch out for luggage weight with them (it's total and not per peice).