Oh, Goody! I Can Take MySpace With Me!

I admit to having a MySpace profile. I originally registered because my friend Val sent me a link to do so. I later found it an avenue to promote my work on AC. I've also reconnected with friends from my past. But for some reason, I'm not quite feelin' love there.

I imagine if I were a twenty-something, size 4 young woman with perky "girls" protruding from a tank top, I would probably have a different take on it. MySpace seems to feed egos - both that of men and women. It just feels superficial. Well, I can digress on my view, but checkout my buddy Barefoot's take on MySpace.

What prompted this post? Cingular sent me an email today stating for $2.99 a month I can access MySpace from my mobile anywhere! Oh, joy! Think I'll pass.


Matthew said…
Oh wow, really?
I'll admit I use it too. Mostly because I get to talk with a few of my REAL friends on it (I really hate it when bands I don't know or 16 yr olds try to be my friend on that thing). Anyway, I figure it's also a space to advertise some of my writing... maybe it'll help me make a buck.