I Wanna Do This: Portland, OR's "Great Race"

I admit to being an "Amazing Race" junkie. Someday, after I find my travel partner (and the upfront cash), I WILL be a contestant. That's why activities similar to the "Amazing Race" grab my attention.

Through the end of March, visitors to Portland, OR's downtown are encouraged to participate in the city's "Great Race." Follow clues posted at www.downtownportland.org, take photos at the appropriate signs and submit. (Be sure to visit the site for specifics). The winner will be announced on Friday, March 30, 2007 and will win a groovy prize package which includes "dinner for two at Huber's." Hmm, do I have long, lost relatives living in Portland?

*sigh* Wish I could play...

[Photo: Is this the "Amazing Race" box??? It looks like it and I saw it in Vancouver last October].