Any Other Glenn Beck Fans?

Glenn Beck ( I began listening to Beck's radio show out of Tampa when I lived in Sarasota at the turn of this century. Then 9/11 happened and I think it propelled his career. He eventually went national and now he has his own show on CNN.

If you haven't seen Beck's show or listened to his radio program, you're definitely missing out. I find him thought provoking, no-nonsense and never over the top. He's like the guy next door you want to succeed in life.

When working out at the gym, I'm able to watch his show and recently he's been talking about the "meat footprint." You know. You've heard the question, "what's your carbon footprint?" relating to your impact on the Earth. Well, on tomorrow's radio show, a representative from PETA will help Beck understand what his "meat footprint" and how it contributes to global warming. Tasty stuff.

In a way, Glenn Beck reminds me a bit of this guy.