"Oh, I'm Stressed"

While writing this, I see my boy Anderson Cooper is on "60 Minutes" interviewing Kenny Chesney. Without cable, I usually don't have the pleasure of setting eyes on Mr. Cooper.

Life has felt a bit overwhelming lately, not feeling in control nor having any time for myself. I haven't written much of anything and have neglected emails. (And so much has happened in pop culture over the past few weeks that I want to comment on!) I'm basically in reactionary mode right now and I hate that feeling. Once I get through the month of March, life should be good again.

The gnome is retiring because despite popular belief, I am not a 12" troll with a white beard who likes watching bombs explode. This is me:

[Note: "Oh, I'm Stressed" from the "Seinfeld" episode called, "The Chicken Roaster."]

9:02 p.m. update: Argh! I'm frustrated I can't get the link to the photo to upload here on Blogger. Keep getting a link is broken error message. I tried using Picasso, Blogger's "friend" and I'm just too tired to figure it out.