Mish-Mash of Things

I feel as though the details of my life have been scattered over the past few days. In recognition of that, this post will have a mish-mash of things, here we go:

Peter Greenberg Worldwide launched this week: www.PeterGreenberg.com. He's a travel guru linked up with NBC's "Today Show" and AOL, to name a few. He has a cool business card, too. I met him April 2006 in Miami during a travel show- his card is in braille. He discussed his recent book, The Traveler's Diet: Eating Right and Staying Fit on the Road and how he lost a significant amount of weight while traveling. Now if I tell you what he said, there wouldn't be any fun in reading the book!

One of the coolest gifts I received for Christmas from a frequent visitor program was a year's subscription to Zagat from Starwood. Pretty sweet and a belated thanks to the Starwood peeps!

Just received notice from Hilton Honors about Experience Rewards. Popping open the email, I'm told I can pilot a fighter jet one day. COOL! Basically, Hilton HHontors(r) points can be redeemed for awesome experiences, like renting a Harley-Davidson through EagleRider or drive a stock car through a company called Signature Days. Loads of other experiences are available. For more info, visit Hilton.

Oddpodz.com just opened its Muzeum. It's a "global nation of creatives." Check it out, become a citizen, socialize, collaborate, chill.

I don't know if I was scammed or if it will become something but I reserved my place on the MillionWordSite.com. Remember the day when people sold pixels? Well, this is a similar concept except with words, for eight bucks a pop. The word I reserved? "Quirky." Was there any doubt?

That's all for now. G'night.


Anonymous said…
Shotgun! On the jet you pilot. I'll kick in my Delta Skymiles if we can upgrade to a F-18.