Anna Nicole Smith Dead: Now What?

The advantage of traveling this weekend is instant access to CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc., so I can keep updated on the latest developments on Anna Nicole Smith's death. "Wow!" It's sad she's dead but her ending just fits all the drama she's been through.

Right now, there are apparently three men claiming to be the father of her baby, Dannielynn. There's Larry Birkhead, the photographer; Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's husband (are they really married?) and attorney; and now Prince Frederick Von Anhat, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, is not only claiming HE'S the father but there may be other men who could be the father! What?! It's just craziness!

Here are some of the cast of characters in Anna Nicole's life the media have introduced:

Howard K. Stern - did you ever notice the tension between Anna Nicole and Howard K. during her reality show? It was obvious there was some attraction, an almost creepy attraction. Was Howard K. obsessed with her? Was he responsible for her loopiness over the past few years? He claims to be Dannielynn's biological father but refused a paternity test.

Larry Birkhead - okay, I really think he's Dannielynn's father because he wants a paternity test.

Prince Frederick Von Anhalt - Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband is claiming he had a decade-old relationship with Anna Nicole on CNN tonight. She did have a thing for older guys, he's in his mid-sixties. (

Jay Howard Marshall's Family - Have they commented on her death? (This is the family of Anna Nicole's billionaire deceased husband, he was 89 and she 26 when they married). Will Anna Nicole's death add to the legal drama and the inheritance? Is Dannielynn now entitled to it?

TrimSpa - A class-action lawsuit was filed against Anna Nicole and TrimSpa earlier this month for false marketing.

Still mourning the loss of her son Daniel, maybe life became too much to her.

No matter what the cause of death is, conspiracy theories will circulate about "what really happened." Look at the deaths of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana.

Again, I'm sorry she's dead but did we have all this fanfare when Former President Ford passed away? I mean, ALL the cable news networks are covering the story plus the entertainment shows. There's still a little drama going on with James Brown, the poor man hasn't been buried yet and he died on Christmas day! We're heading into the second week of February. Ewww!

The next twist in the bizarre Anna Nicole tale is any one's guess.


Anonymous said…
I can think of few things more eye-gougingly annoying to have happen at the start of a weekend news cycle than the death of a enigmatic, much maligned, B-list celebrity. This could drive a man to throwing his TV out.