Is Your Neighbor a Criminal?

I usually don't open emails which have been forwarded, especially those claiming to reveal "something." But, I took a chance on one I received today and found it legitimate. It's called Family Watchdog ( and was launched in 2005 following the assault and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford by a neighbor.

Family Watchdog allows users to locate sexual offenders in their neighborhood. It's easy to use. Enter your address and look for your "house" on the map. Colored dots indicate a criminal with offenses ranging from assault against a child to rape to sexual battery. When you click on a dot, the offender's photo, mini-bio and convictions pops up.

According to this site, no offenders live in my apartment complex, but there is one man convicted of sexual battery living around the corner. Visit the site and take a look to see who's living around you. Stay aware and keep you and your family safe.