Is Your Neighbor a Criminal? Part Two

I recently mentioned the Web site in another post. Of course, I went on and searched my neighborhood. Leaving the office at o'dark thirty tonight one of the building's custodians caught my eye because he looks very similar to one of the offenders near me. The offender has a distinct smile and so did the man in the building.

I feel a bit voyeuristic and a little creeped out. Guess I'll have to stay late tomorrow night to see if I can get a better look. On second thought, I better leave the office at a reasonable time so I don't have to get another look.

What would you do if you definitely knew a convicted sex offender was in your building? Would you believe they've been reformed and not worry about them or would you exercise caution?


Paris David said…
This is fascinating. I checked out my neighborhood.

Thank God there's no one too close and thank Him for redemption for all of us!

I'm gonna pass along this info,