If I Can't Have Peanuts...

When the airlines revise their passenger bill of rights, I want them to include I, as a paying passenger (with elite status, I may add), have a right NOT to be seated next to a chimney. After all, those restaurants in states where smoking is still permitted (as I found out earlier this month, Texas) have separate smoking sections. Hotels have non-smoking and smoking rooms. I should be able to sit in a seat and inhale stale, germ-infected, recycled airplane air without the gagging stench of cigarette smoke.

This happened to me yesterday while flying to New York. Some twentyish-looking kid sits next to me and as soon as she sat down, I could smell she was at least a two-packer-a-day. YUCK! I was annoyed. It was a 7:00 a.m. flight - how can someone smoke that much in the morning and smell like an ashtray?

My annoyance grew "once approved electronic devices" could be used. She was kind to not only share her rap music with me, but also the three rows in front of and behind us. All the while, she kept poking me with her elbow - which I find extremely annoying. Makes me want to scream, "There is space. Your space does not go beyond this arm rest. My space does not go beyond this arm rest. Stay out of my space!"

But I don't scream. I breath deep, keeping good karma while flying the friendly skies.

I reached a breaking point when song 2 blasted. I jabbed her with my elbow and was about to ask, "are you taking requests?" When the passenger sitting across aisle asked her "turn it down." Turning and giving her the hairy eyeball, the other eye was scanning her boarding pass for her connection.

"Please not New York. Please not New York. Yes! Chicago!"

Peanuts have been banned from most flights, so why shouldn't stinky, smokey passengers???


Matthew said…
Try taking a bus in China. I once had a 12 hr ride with windows that wouldn't close in the cold. But it was OK, because I had about a dozen chain smokers riding with me... including the driver.
Sometimes I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone smoking on the planes.