Happy New Year! It's 2007, Now What?

I've successfully wasted the first morning in the New Year. I did one of the things I enjoy doing most: slept 'til 10 a.m. Sleeping in is a catch 22, I love snuggling into my feather-top bedding and wrapping myself around my down comforter. It's such a warm, comforting feeling. The negative side is the day is half-wasted and I miss out on whatever else I could have been doing.

So what will I do today? Probably wander downtown to see preparations for tomorrow's inauguration of Florida's next Governor, Charlie Crist. I will try to take a late lunch tomorrow so I can see some of the parade. It would be nice if Tallahassee businesses closed so we can enjoy the festivities. (It's also a national day of mourning for President Ford). It is the State Capital and how often do inaugurations occur? I certainly don't plan on living here four years from now to see another inauguration.

Back to blogging...

I had considered compiling a list of my favorite blog posts from 2006, but decided to look forward than back. I can't change the past but can guide my future. No, I'm not going to share my resolutions because I won't keep a single one, except shrinking my debt. I don't have a choice with that one.

I do want to plug some of my favorite blogs, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do:

Barefoot Scribbles - I had mentioned the Barefoot and his musings recently, but he's worth mentioning again. His observant musings about the simple things in life are quite entertaining.

A “Can-Am” Couple’s Adventurous Travel Stories - If you haven't met Paula, Keith and Zoe yet, shame on you! By day, Paula is a groovy entrepreneur and Keith flies helicopters into fires. By night, they are a dynamic traveling and writing couple. And Zoe? She's the three-legged wonder dog.

Cordelia's Journeys - I met Cordelia on my trip to Afghanistan last March. Cordelia visits lands I can only dream of and most recently visited India. Her photographs are spectacular, too.

Julie Pecenco Photography - Speaking of photography, be sure to check out Julie's images here. (BTW - we did catch up over the Christmas holiday; I think the last time we saw each other was in 1998. Where does the time go???)

Margaret's MySpace - Wander, if you dare, over to MySpace and visit with the very pretty Margaret. You'll see she has a very zippy way with words.

Placid Pachyderm - Well, my pal Val hasn't posted since September 2006, so I hope her New Year's Resolution will be to blog more in 2007 (hint, hint).

Robby & Becky's Think Big Adventures - If you're looking for images of countries you've never heard of or can't pronounce, you NEED to check out Robby & Becky's awesome site. I was introduced to them by a mutual friend and met them in Kabul last March. They are currently in Iraq and are incredibly kind people.

Tree's MySpace - How does a mother of three handle living on a Caribbean island? Visit Tree to find out!

Waiguoren Critic of South China - Join an English teacher on his adventures and perspectives while in China.


Anonymous said…
mabey you should tell us your resolutions, that way you might really keep them knowing that we all know!!
jhuber7672 said…
Hmm, well here's a hint to one of my resolutions, "no." Sorry to be blunt, but I'm enrolling in "no boot camp" this year, meaning, I'm not going to do things I don't want to do.